A little about me

Welcome to my family larder! I am Christina Sturrock and although you might not guess from my name, I am a Greek living in Scotland with my Scottish husband Euan, our daughters and a great extended family.

 My relationship with food

Growing up in Greece I have always had a closeness with food. Every important event in my childhood or adult life has a food memory attached to it, smells and flavours that enhance the remembrance. My Greek mama Olympia is an incredible cook. She can turn a simple everyday meal in to a tantalising taste bud experience. My newly acquired Scottish mama Christine is also a pretty amazing cook. I have to admit I have not always been quite as succesful in my cooking journey myself.

My first attempts in producing food were in primary school, when my baking often met the bin rather than our tummy. I then started cooking meals, which was a lot more exciting, since there was no real need for a recipe. The pots and pans became blank canvases, and my fridge and larder contents the paints. I will not say the picture is always perfect, sometimes a burned pot or a soggy loaf, other times a salty stew or a dried up scone. But I learn from my mistakes and always try to get over these little obstacles, it’ s human nature after all. So, I took on baking again a few years ago and I do enjoy it so. I now cook a lot, and often try to find a good excuse to cook and bake and satisfy my creative nature as much as my culinary concerns.

My family larder

So, long story not very short, myfamilylarder was born through the need to test, archive and share all the family recipes I have accumulated over the years, both from my Greek and my Scottish family, as well as from friends. Some of the recipes are my own and for them I will not mention credits, but the ones that I have seen in books, or been given by my family members I will always specify. Thank you for taking an interest in my interest and happy cooking!